Walking with confidence after hip-knee replacement

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Learn the secret of successful walking after hip-knee replacement.

Months or even years of trying to cope with a painful arthritic knee or hip changes a person’s walk and puts them at increasing risk of falls as they age and of wear and tear in the non-affected joints.

Even though the surgery is counted as a success they still struggle to walk normally.

In this 3 part FREE video course I will show you how I have improved the lives of my students simply by changing the way that that they think about their movement so that you too can make your walking more successful.

"Thank you Stewart. After 3 hip replacements (the second one did not go well) I have been walking like a Penguin for some while and struggle to go any significant distance particularly uphill. Your 3 videos on de-waddling certainly struck home and I now intend to concentrate on the weight transference and henceforth look more like a gazelle in my future walks. Cheers." Rod Hunt, 81.

Stewart Hamblin

Movement Specialist

Author of 'The Fit Sit Revolution'

Learn the secret of successful walking after hip-knee replacement on this FREE mini course!

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